Work samples

Baa / rabbit – what a scorcher! 
Felix – student newspaper of Imperial College, 27 April 2007

An investigation on how climate change is making sheep shrink and how anphibians are under threat of extinction by a fungus disease that thrives in the warm weather.

The Science of Happiness (PDF file, 60 Kb)
Cover story of Brazilian magazine Superinteressante, May 2005

After a lot of research for this feature, I found out that having too many options to choose from can make you miserable, and that our predictions of what will make us happy (or unhappy) are almost always wrong. Believe me, information like this can be really useful in our daily lives.

Original article in Portuguese (PDF file, 3.0 Mb)

I Know the Feeling! (PDF file, 40 Kb)
Superinteressante Magazine, June 2005

Some researchers believe that we have 28 senses apart from those five we learn at school. That’s why blind people can see with their tongues (with an especific device, of course) and some people can loose the feeling of their own bodies.

Original article in Portuguese (PDF file, 1.6 Mb)

A new combination of drugs can bring hope to leukaemia patients
(PDF file, 10 Kb)
Writing practice, February 2007

This is a short exercise on how to turn complicated information into simple language. Making technical stuff easy to understand, without dumbing it down is the big challenge of scientific journalism.